Managing multiple prescriptions is difficult and it is that challenge that prompted us to start the Comprehensive Patient Care Management Program. We will be working with individuals, caregivers and the doctors hand to hand to offer free home delivery, personalized pharmacists, and medication management and much more. We’re dedicated to our patients and we take pride the quality service we provide. At Campbelltown Pharmacy we consider it a privilege to offer specialized services to patients who have 6 or more prescription medications per month. 

If you’re taking six or more medications, Campbelltown  Pharmacy can help.

Campbelltown Pharmacy makes it easy for patients taking six or more prescription medications each month to manage their medications.  We focuses solely on working with patients who are on multiple medications. These patients and also their caregivers are often faced with a variety of issues when dealing with the management of multiple medications.
These include:

  • Transportation to the pharmacy multiple times during the month.
  • Refills of prescription medications needed at different times during the month.
  • Required physician appointments needed prior to each refill.
  • Filling weekly or monthly pillbox once the medications are home.
  • Updating new physicians and existing physicians of your current list of medications. 

At Campbelltown Pharmacy, we take care of all of these challenges for our clients and we don’t charge anything extra for the service. Campbelltown Pharmacy has a staff of pharmacists who are specially trained to work with patients and their physicians to make managing medications easier, with less stress and more accuracy.  If you or someone you know takes six or more prescription medications per month, call or fill out a form and we’ll put our team to work to make the hassles of multiple medications a thing of the past.

"Medication-related problems and errors endanger the lives of the elderly.  Adverse drug events are one of the leading causes for hospital re admissions. Medication errors are Serious, Costly, Common & Preventable."

Our pharmacist can help reduce hospital re admissions by safely and effectively managing your patients’ prescribed medications. 
Here’s how your patients will benefit:

Most of the elderly patients face a variety of everyday challenges that can affect their prescription management.  If you take more than six medications at a time and have other chronic medical condition, diabetes, dementia, chronic Heart and Kidney disease, these even make it harder for the patient and care giver to manage their medication. Here at Campbelltown Pharmacy we can alleviate these concerns for both patients and those who care for them.

Most of the elderly find difficulty opening pill bottles or organizing their medications. We offer many easy-to-use packaging options for your medications and pack them in a blister depending on the time and date you need to take them.

Most of the elderly find it very hard to visit pharmacy own their own have to depend on others to pick up medications.

We provide free prescription medication home delivery to our patients each month

Have six or more prescriptions to refill each month from multiple doctors and fill them from one pharmacy at different time to comply with safety net 20 days rule.

Different brands of different medication from different pharmacies are very confusing and increases the chance of overdosing. Our pharmacist will review your all medications and provide you with customised Consumer Medication Information so you will be fully aware of what medication is for what, and when to take it. Visiting each month to your home will clarify all your confusion and make you feel independent.

A personal home pharmacist will review all prescriptions and organize them into one prescription.  All your medications are then filled and delivered at the same time each month. We will keep track of you medication refill time, so it doesn’t affect your safety net.

Customer has delays in getting medications due to forgotten doctor’s visits or refill order.
Our Patient Care Coordinator will call the customer every month to review the refill medication list and notify them of any required doctor’s visits. If you require any doctors’ visit we will make an appointment with your doctor. We will update new physicians and existing physicians of your current list of medications before your visit.

At Campbelltown pharmacy we have a system in place to check the medication before they go out to make sure patient get the correct medication with correct direction on them.

Our Promise

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